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Rented Property

What is pre-rented property?

Pre-rented property is a  ready to move in property which is occupied by a tenant for a (9 years ) of lease and owner is getting a monthly rental for letting out his property to the tenant, is called the pre-rented property. Pre-rented could be residential and as well as commercial property.

Types of Pre rented Commercial Property

1 Pre-rented office space

2 pre-rented Banks

3 Pre-rented retail shops

4 Pre Rented Independent building

5 Pre-rented warehouse

6 running school

What are the best Locations in Gurgaon for buying Pre rented property?

  1. Golf Course Road

  2. Golf course extension road

  3. MG Road

  4. Sohna Road

  5. NH-8 Gurgaon

What are the things to keep in mind while buying pre-rented property in Gurgaon?

1 Location

2 property Documents

3 Facility Services

4 Company Profile

5 Lease Terms

6 Building Age


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